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Boy, Bye! Say Goodbye to Quarantine Brows

by Julia Willenbring 08 Jul 2020

It's time again to leave hair removal to the professionals, and get your brows back on schedule.

When should you come in for your next appointment? How long is too long? 


As with anything, it depends. What is your goal?

  1. Are you simply maintaining your ideal shape?
  2. Are you regrowing botched brows? 
  3. Are your brows thinning and not growing much anymore?


Based on the answer to these questions you will be able to better navigate the right timeline for you and your lifestyle.

In conjunction to this point of reference, brow maintenance is dependent on many factors for each individual person, including:

  • Personality & lifestyle
  • Compulsivity to tweeze between appointments
  • Level of perfectionism; how anal you are about having perfect brows 
  • Speed with which brow hairs grow long/out of shape.


1.   Maintenance of properly shaped brows:

    A general rule of thumb is about 3-4 weeks between appointments.

    The discrepancy between sooner or later is how anal you are about perfection, how dark or light your brows are, and how thick the hairs are themselves. If you are very particular, I might be seeing you in as soon as 2 weeks.

    For someone with fine (thin) brow hairs of medium or light color, 4 to 6 weeks is often comfortable. I don’t typically recommend going beyond 6 weeks, I would say that this pushes the maximum “ideal” time between waxes.

    The darker and coarser the hair, the closer you will need stick to 3 weeks, or even 2.


    2.   Brows that need re-shaping and re-growing:


      If you are trying to fill in and reshape your brows, I will recommend to go as long as you can without touching them. If you can only get two weeks before getting the itch to touch them, then please don’t stretch your willpower; come in for an appointment.

      I cannot tell you how disappointing it is when someone has waited so long only to break down and ruin them LITERALLY THE NIGHT BEFORE their appointment.

      Don’t believe me? I wish I was lying; it has happened so many times I could cry.


      3.   The Outliers:

      For those of you with finely textured brow hair or brows that have been botched for so long they hardly grow, you can often go the longest between shaping (assuming you aren’t a compulsive tweezer).

      These people can typically go 6 to 8, or even so much as 10 weeks, although I strongly advise to re-groom by week 8, at most. Even if they don’t grow out of shape—trimming and a little clean up goes a very long way, and is well worth the visit.


      P.S. If we get stuck in a 3 month quarantine again—the minimum allotted time between touching your brows is 3 months. Please don’t get compulsive and ruin your brows.
      Thank you <3



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