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If Your "Makeup Bag" Had a Voice

by Judi C. 05 Jul 2021


If your “Makeup Bag” had a Voice...                                             

Would it sing it’s praises about its owner?… 🥰 With its perfectly selected, fresh and beautiful contents that just beg to be taken out on a regular basis… admired, used and enjoyed!!! The enthusiastic owner loving the results! Or …


Would the bag cry out and groan in pain
over its creator?!… 😩Heartbroken over its neglected, outdated, unusable, unappealing mish-mosh of stuff that should’ve been tossed out long ago.… or at least given a bath and shown some love! The creator feeling no special attachment to the contents or what they do for her.

Whether we recognize it or not, our “little makeup bag," or larger space at home that houses our skin care, makeup and accessories…does have a voice.  

And it speaks volumes about who we are, and how we feel about ourselves.

It is another extension; a place of potential self-expression… an opportunity to make a statement, or--even if it is just a container that holds the simple experience of self-care and putting our “best face forward“-- It does represent a facet of who we are.

It is much like the clothing in our closets, furnishings in our homes, vehicles we drive, and meals that we create.

So many aspects of our lives that paint an extremely clear picture of how we choose to move through the worldconsider how we all have favorite colors and possessions that when surrounded by them--light us up!

Not just visually…but emotionally, too!

The joy we feel from expressing ourselves in these ways is no different than what we choose to put inside our make up bags and the care-- or lack of-- we’ve taken to do that; and more to the point…

Consider the end result when these cosmetics are on our “Faces”?!

Whether we are enlisting a professional makeup artists help, watching YouTube videos, or winging it at the Drugstore; being educated and armed with enough knowledge to have a basic understanding of what our options are, in this overly saturated world of beauty……is Priceless💄

So please follow me through this seven part series.

I will guide you through the basic--and not so basic--products and tools  every “up-to-date" woman should have in her well-stocked makeup bag... at all times!

With great certainty I can say this is the "Most Valuable Bag" you will ever own😉

A view of what's ahead...


Pat 1: Concealers

Part 2: Primers and Foundations

Part 3: Powders and Bronzers

Part 4: Blushes and Highlighters

Part 5: Brows and Eye Makeup

Part 6: Lip Products

Part 7: Accessories and Tools

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