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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

by Judi C. 24 May 2021


   The Eyes are the windows to the soul… 

                   William Shakespeare


Since the beginning of civilization … all around the globe Faces have been covered by veils and masks for such purposes as abiding by cultural and religious guidelines… making political statements, as well as  providing protection for health and safety reasons…

 There is no greater example of the mask's critical benefits in modern history than what has been witnessed by everyone on the planet during the last year…

When the pandemic struck it was quickly realized that covering one’s face was going to become part of every day life. 

Do we find our masks to be uncomfortable, unattractive, smothering, and stifling? Yes!…but lifesaving…Oh yes, yes,yes!!! 

So, men and women alike began to accept masks and face coverings as part of one’s regular attire and “Life“…although challenging...


If you’re wondering why I am writing about protective facemasks, when the title of this post is

 “Eyes are the windows to the soul“


            Here is the connection...

As women living in the U.S. in a western culture we might take a cue from the strong and resilient women living on the other side of the world where face coverings are not just being worn because of the crisis we’re living through… but rather worn as an extension of their religious and cultural surroundings.

 Often, every day of their lives.    

So… Millions of women cover their faces as a way of life... and here in the U.S., we are still covering ours to remain safe and healthy.

Therefore, what is the 'common thread'? The singular most obvious characteristic that every woman on the planet has in common right now when her face is covered with a veil, a mask, or a face covering…


Only the eyes are Exposed...



They are free to express themselves; to show happiness, sadness and pain. They can display weakness, wield power… sear with anger, manipulate… express innocence…convey sensuality…even attract love💕

Our eyes speak without words…

Our identity lies just beneath…


The fluttering lashes, the sparkle, the tears that fall… a wink, a glance, an icy glare… 

As an artist who understands the power of color, shape and designI would love American women to consider what regularly veiled women around the world have known for centuries.  The use of makeup on the eyes (the only facial feature exposed when wearing a mask or face covering) is so potentially enhancing… So diverse in the statements it  can make… It’s POWER is unmistakable!     

Your ability to express who you are… using color, shape, and design is right at your fingertips. Whether it be the softest most natural enhancement to the extreme on the other side of the spectrum with intensity and drama… you can show onlookers exactly who you are!

Whether we are wearing a mask or not…

At home, not going out much

Maybe a trip to the supermarket is all you have planned 

You need to give yourself permission to take a little time for yourself❣️ 

Sit down in front of your mirror… And have some fun!!!    

Now take out your makeup bag… Or call us at JULES | THE BEAUTY LOUNGE if you need someone to help you fill it up!

Five or six things are all you need…

Brighten your under eyes with concealer, curl your eyelashes, define your brows with pencil… Now sweep a  soft, natural, slightly shimmery shadow across your lid. Run something other than a black pencil along your lash line (try a color that enhances your eyes) and finish with mascara!

5-10 minutes… Minimal effort with fabulous, eye-catching results!

Because... you never know who you might run into at the supermarket😉

Book at 856. 751. 2233 to schedule a lesson today!
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