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by Judi C. 09 May 2021


🌿Springtime …  2020 - 2021

“Lost and Found”


This season is a clear and unmistakable reminder that Life is again emerging all around us 🌷

It is truly a time of Rebirth and Renewal……


Much like all that lies dormant in the Wintertime... before the “Miraculous Transition“ the planet makes bringing everything to life again…We see ourselves waking up again, like seedlings sprouting up and growing… 🌱seemingly in slow motion… until everything is vibrant, alive and fully bloomed again.🌻

   Incredibly, as humans we’ve not only been given the gift of “Hoping” for Rebirth and Recovery, but also the gift of “Knowing “that Life will come back to us…. 

      and now it has.🌸


    One woman’s perspective (as a caretaker of women’s beauty)

    Life…Lost and Found🤔

                                             by Judi C.


      A year ago when the pandemic began, we witnessed Life and Living on our planet come to an abrupt halt. We watched in disbelief as so many of the things we love and take for granted were taken  from us. Some of what we lost was connected to Survival…but just as much had to do with the Joys and Pleasures of everyday life…😢 

      Women predictably began to find themselves in deep emotional pain, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and  often powerless as they were faced with new, unreasonable and unbearable  obligations and demands …

      Not only was our World shutting down around us…

   Women were Shutting Down too!!!

      Throughout this crisis some of the obvious traumas and pressures women experienced, and continue to cope with have been…

    Without warning…becoming teachers to their children at home…

     Leaving their places of business to work from home, or facing the unexpected loss of employment as their jobs were many of the first to go… 


  Women finding themselves alone and unprepared, not only faced with the fear of their own survival, but that of their families, without any resources or support… 

    The demand for women to stay at home to care for their loved ones, both the healthy, and sick and dying from the virus…             

    Women as caretakers, opening their homes to those that needed support and shelter… along with our frontline workers who continue to risk their own lives every day, to support and save others… often being in poor physical and mental health themselves…

   Women taking on the burden of caring for their elders, often living with the emotional pain connected to separation due to such things as nursing homes being locked down.


Girls and Women missing out on special times, and “once in a lifetime“ events… causing anxiety and depression while simultaneously being separated from friends and family.

    Young Women finding their future educational  goals and business opportunities wiped away in the blink of an eye…

    Women attempting to cope with loneliness  and isolation… escaping through alcohol and substance abuse.…(often going unnoticed by loved ones or the outside world) 

       🥺Women showing distinct and obvious signs of great Personal Neglect and the Surrendering of much if not all “Self-Care”… 

Some of the “changes”  that have occurred in and on many women during the pandemic are hard to ignore…

  Letting hair become Gray


Weight gain or loss

Showering, shampooing hair or brushing teeth went to the wayside

Wearing clothing (sometimes looking like PJs when in public)

Inconsistent with one’s normal attire pre-pandemic

Complexion changes…  

Skin appearing blemished, excessively dry or oily, dark and puffy under eyes
General appearance of rapid aging or unwellness…



🥺 Elimination of most or all cosmetics previously used with interest and enthusiasm…


One's home and surroundings offer it’s own version of tell tale signs in changing mental health, due to extreme stress, depression, fatigue, substance abuse etc.

An unmade bed without clean sheets for weeks… along with actually not getting out of bed

Dishes piling up in the sink for days

Laundry no longer being done

Home going from spotless to generally uncared-for

Previously enjoying being in the kitchen but no longer shopping for or cooking food for oneself or others…  

Radical changes in one’s appearance or behaviors should never be ignored… especially by those that are the closest and the most able to help when needed.




As a Woman and a Professional in the “beauty industry”… I want to encourage women right now to consider  the experiences  and the sacrifices they have made during the pandemic. Women have lived like warriors for over a year and now it’s time for stepping back a bit and turning the care inward. 



As Springtime is bringing everything to life again…women need to consider doing the

same for themselves.  I know firsthand over the many years i’ve assisted my clients with their skin care and cosmetic needs…that what we achieve together goes far deeper than what an  observer may view as a superficial , meaningless and unnecessary compilation of products and behaviors that have no special connection to a woman’s sense of self-worth, self-expression, general self-care, and overall mental health. Amazingly some renewed self-care or relying on professionals to do what we do best… (pamper and take care of your needs) providing some overdue and well-deserved self-love will affect all of the above. . and this I surely believe… 

That every woman on the planet at least once in her lifetime deserves to be told she “Looks Pretty”…… and she holds the power to make that happen for herself !              



   If a woman, after living through the last year and the pandemic has decided that she never wants to see another pot, pan, vacuum cleaner, toilet bowl brush, kids math homework, grocery list, pile of laundry, etc.

      ...This may actually be the greatest mental clarity she’s experienced in years!!!

   So I strongly advise … Every woman who has even one functioning brain cell, immediately aim for her favorite salon and spa!!! (And of course if you're local, contact us at Jules Beauty Lounge!)

      Schedule and enjoy every single pampering and luxurious service you can possibly treat yourself to,

      Starting with a facial, to help your complexion recover from the massive assault that our protective masks have put upon our faces…

  and Finishing with a “Spectacular Springtime Makeover“… Allowing us to help you choose some beautiful and fresh new things, including a moisturizing lipstick or gloss to help repair those neglected lips that have been hiding under our masks for the last year.

         We’ll even select and teach you how to apply a few pretty new colors for your eyes… Since they’ll be peeking out on their own for a little while longer! Meanwhile…

 It’s Springtime…

 It’s Beautiful…

 and it’s most definitely

Nature’s Way …

of reminding us

Life Goes On…


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