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Color Analysis and You

by Judi C. 24 Apr 2021
Color Analysis and You


First… The Backstory…

The intriguing art and science of “color analysis“ has been around for more than a century. In the late 1800s, artists, painters, clothing designers, textile manufacturers, art teachers, interior designers, scientists, and the like all around the world --almost simultaneously-- had an epiphany!!

The focus was on...



      This very integral part of being a human being on the planet Earth --this inexplicable Force that affects our moods, feelings, behaviors, and figuratively speaking “makes the world go round“-- had never been looked at, nor studied this way before. The world began to recognize the Power of COLOR. 

It consciously and even subliminally drives us…It has the ability to motivate, excite, depress, stimulate soothe, and transport us. It is all encompassing. 

The color black, distinctly in a category of its own, is recognized for the multifaceted effects that it has on the human psyche.


At this point in history,

the two worlds of art and science began to examine, analyze, research, and develop an understanding of what COLOR is. Recognizing it’s universal power and value, was truly opening the floodgates to the very thing that is part of every facet of our lives in every corner of the planet.

By the early 20th century artists were developing techniques and scientists were using new technology; building equipment to study, use, and manipulate color like never before.

But still, the deeper, more philosophical questions about the world of color continued to remain unanswered.

  • How and why does color exist?
  • Where does it come from?
  • As humans why are we able to see color?
  • Why does it hold the Power that it does?

The answers to the first questions are partly science-based… But to explain its power is MYSTICAL AND MIND-BLOWING! Think about the many creatures on earth and in our oceans, where by using the power to change and control Color to ward off an enemy or attract the next meal; draw in a potential partner 💕, affect an important decision… 🤔and make or break a special moment. It can manipulate us, without our even knowing it’s happening!😳 

 Now … A Look Ahead 1980s - 2021 “Seasonal Color Analysis“ is Born


This is an examination of the art and science of “seasonal color analysis,“ also referred to as “personal color analysis “…

Having discovered the power and value of color in the previous century; a new application was on the horizon:

This modern day compilation of color theory, science, creativity and artistic savvy… “Making Color Personal” would provide an exciting, life enhancing, educational, and many believed a legitimately science-based experience. 

The concept and goal behind “seasonal color analysis“ is to accurately discover and uncover a woman’s most flattering palette of colors, followed with its use to address one’s overall appearance from head to toe.

Hair color, make up, jewelry, accessories, and clothing are encompassed in the transformation. The color palette could effectively carry over into one's choices in home décor, a vehicle-- literally any possession where an adjustment in color would support this “looks and feels amazing“ experience.


During the 1980s… Color Analysis was at the peak of its popularity. Thousands of women were trained to provide the service and gatherings were held literally everywhere! It became the “Beauty version of a Tupperware party“.    

Women were beside themselves with excitement! Anxious to know what “Season“ they were and what their very best and most flattering colors would be…A wave of millions of women with new found confidence was created. 


Authors on the subject found fame.

Studios opened.

Businesses offering all things related to color analysis thrived.

The beauty business was especially blessed! 


A woman’s newfound awareness of her perfect palette of colors would instigate hair color change, make up changes, perfect nail color choices, and the list goes on…

Jewelers would benefit when a woman would find that her fine jewelry would be best in yellow gold rather than white gold and vice versa. Clothing retailers were greatly impacted as they witnessed their shoppers with color swatch booklets in hand, rebuilding their wardrobes with their newfound discoveries.

The potential changes seemed limitless. Any business offering goods and services connected to the concept could potentially flourish financially and they very much did…  for a while.


“Seasonal Color Analysis”

   The Process, Perks and Pitfalls


The question is:

Was “seasonal color analysis“ created as a clever sales and marketing gimmick? Or was it actually a legitimately science-based discovery?

Maybe both.

We speak of the science behind it because in the mid-20th century, it was discovered that the balance of hemoglobin, keratin, and melanin gives each of us very specific skin color, from birth till death--unchanging--even if suntanned.

Since 95% of the analysis is based on one’s skin tone and the remaining 5% on eye color and natural hair color,  as a professional, understanding what is being seen in the skin color is critical to a correct analysis!

Whatever is truly behind it’s original conception, it’s success overall speaks for itself! Women couldn’t sign up fast enough to receive the service, and the “trained overnight “consultants could hardly wait to provide it! 

This was something new for millions of women…the ability to pull another trick out of the bag, to potentially enhance, beautify, and transform themselves in a new creative way!

Women flocked in droves to receive the service---without regard for who would provide the service, what the consultant’s credentials might be, and even how much it would cost…

Not dissimilar to women today when seeking out Botox, dermal fillers, face and body treatments and procedures.

If your friend had it, you would have to have it, and you needed to know how fast and where you could get it!!! But because this is not a perfect world… Danger could be lurking around the corner causing upset and great financial loss…

Education education education… That is the key!

Women then and now need to get familiar with the term “due diligence“. It means do your homework! Know what you’re getting involved in, even though the money-makers may be hoping you don’t…



After a 20 year lag , “Seasonal Color Analysis “ has been experiencing a resurgence in interest and popularity. Those of us that have always believed in the science behind it, are excited to see younger generations buying into it.

Even though poor and inaccurate judgments proved costly and upsetting back in the dayWhat we learned about Color a century ago--along with a much more advanced and developed system of “seasonal color analysis“ available today--explains its revival, and why the diehards can’t seem to let go of their belief in the process.

The truth is, when you get the Analysis right, it is absolutely phenomenal!!!!

Although many would say the updated analysis is overly complicated and difficult to execute, following the simple process that was used in the 1980s at the height of its popularity, continues to work very well.


Here’s a basic view of what the experience should look like…

  1. You’re in a well-lit room with your consultant (check their credentials)
  2. Your hair will be covered if it’s not your natural color (critical step)
  3. You will be placed in front of a mirror where both you and your consultant  will be able to see results together
  4. There will be many shades of fabric rapidly snapped past the front of you, while you both look for very specific clues.
  • Flattering colors will eliminate shadows, make the face look lifted and toned, brighten the complexion, and create a youthful glow
  • The wrong shades will cast shadows, pull the muscles of the face downward, create an aged appearance…
  • There are two parts to what you’re looking for here… First, a determination as to whether the skin is cool (Rosie, blue)… or warm (Golden, yellow)
  • Often, holding a basic sheet of silver and gold in front of the face will instigate an immediate response of positive or negative
  • The overall goal is to place you in a season…autumn, winter, spring or summer (The reference to seasons is to help the client Connect her coloring with the feeling of that particular season)
  • An educated consultant will work for whatever time it takes, pulling many fabric colors past your face, until one pallet of colors appears to jump out and make you look your best.
That’s it. If you get this right… Everything will beautifully and amazingly fall into place for you from head to toe.
Traditionally, you will receive a booklet of fabric swatches to shop with for clothing, have a makeover to select your perfect cosmetics to flatter your coloring, and change your hair color if necessary.
Some color analysis consultants are also image consultants.
You can then learn more about how your personal style can be enhanced based on your coloring, lifestyle, profession, and so on…

     A final note…

    My personal view on the benefits and legitimacy of seasonal color analysis is this:

    After many years of incorporating the art and science into my intensive makeovers… I find it’s use without a doubt critical to attaining the most beautiful outcome possible.

    Although I have not personally heard of or ever read about any professional like myself in the beauty industry who has discovered what I am about to share, I believe this to be an extremely accurate tool to analyze skin tone and determine one’s season, without a formal analysis.

    It appears that there are certain ethnicities that present very specific skin tones over and over again. And they easily connect to very specific seasonal pallets. Although ethnic combinations around the world today make it more challenging to calculate a correct color palette  … with a few specific questions and experience with color analysis… A beauty professional can make a well educated assessment of a woman’s most flattering colors.

    After decades of using what I’ve learned in addition to being highly experienced in the field of color analysis, I believe this is a modern day tool that takes a makeover to the next level!

     .     .     .     .

    For more detailed information on this topic please contact us here or call the salon at 856. 751. 2233 to book your personalized consultation with Judi!

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