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Beauty Tips

Makeup for the Ages

by Judi C. 07 Apr 2021

Since the beginning of time, well almost… Makeup has been used by both women and men in ways that most of us don’t think about in today’s modern world. Throughout history, the painting of the face has been used to make statements and to express emotions as clearly as the human voice.

For example:

  • Femininity
  • Whimsy and playfulness… (Twiggy, the iconic model of the 60’s creating the trend of wearing fake lakes on both the top and bottom of the eye, and painting a flower on the cheekbone to finish the look!)
  • Sensuality

  • Authority… (The powerful Cleopatra with her exaggerated black kohl eyeliner) 
  • Innocence...
  • Rebellion
  • Sophistication… (The confidence a women shows when she puts on a classic Chanel red lipstick)
  • Maturity
  • Superiority… (The powered white complexions worn by aristocratic women in the Victorian Era) 
  • Drama
  • Transformation… (Caitlyn Jenner)

Now add the “special FX makeup” of the 21st century to the list. You can see the multi-faceted uses of makeup are truly ageless and endless.

Conversely, even the lack of, or elimination of makeup on a face can speak volumes, and prove to be an unexpected window into the soul. An abrupt change in the habit of regularly applying makeup could signal emotional changes such as depression or low self esteem…

We must embrace the gift of freedom of expression--the need and desire to develop and share our individuality with those around us has never been accepted or more attainable than it is on our planet today!

The face we present to the world every day of our lives is literally “front and center”... So, to value the major role that “Makeup” plays on this path of self expression, is to recognize the unmistakable “Power and Value” that it carries.

Cleopatra painted her face as a gift to the gods…Maybe our version should be; We do it as a gift for ourselves… 💟

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