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Beauty Tips

Part 4: Bronzers

by Judi C 30 Nov 2021


The desire to achieve a sun-kissed look without necessarily having exposure to the sun… was an obvious opportunity for the cosmetic industry to step in. . .and step In they did! Very, very successfully!!!

Predictably, bronzers have become an extremely popular addition in women’s makeup routines” over the decades...

  • But are bronzers for everyone?... Nonot everyone!
  • But if they are for you… 
    • Here is: what to look for and… 
    • Here is: what you’ll find


Bronzing powders have not actually changed very much over the many years they’ve been around

Here is what you will continue to see as you look at the "multitude of bronzing products available"

*The basic categories of color are:

-Golden (yellow)
-Peachy (orangey)
-Pink (rosey)

  *All of these are created in varying depths and textures and combinations. . .


*Some shimmery… Some Matte
*Split Compacts with different
shades and different finishes

*Patterns and designs that combine multiple colors

*Mineral or talc-based ingredients

*Available in loose and pressed form

*Varying textures… Some more  finely milled …often at a higher
price point …

      *Follow these "pertinent points" when seeking out your

                  Perfect Bronzer”

      1. Determine if your skin tone is in the pink, peach or golden category
      2. If your skin color fluctuates throughout the year… Choose a split compact that gives you flexibility
      3. Aim for a matte finish, or one with minimal shimmer…(only the most perfect complexion does well with a high level of iridescence)
      4. Patterns and swirls and checkerboards are pretty to look at in the compact
        But remember… Your brush will pick up all of the colors and textures together… So you must examine what that end result will be!
      5. Choose a depth and color of bronzer that actually looks like what your skin might become if you were to actually get a suntan …😎
      6. Apply bronzer to “Key areas“… Try a #3 Pattern… forehead, cheekbone, jawline… 
      7. Don’t forget to bronze your throat… (Critical step to match face to décolleté)
      8. Use  a big, fluffy brush and be sure to keep it clean
      9. Use a fan or contour brush if using bronzer to sculpt portions of the complexion
      10. You can enjoy your bronzer over liquid make up, powder or apply it directly to the skin alone
      11. Rely on your bronzer to "bring your complexion color to the depth of your body" for a well matched end result…

          😳Mistakes!! and Misnomers??…

        • If you are fair from head-to-toeYou don’t need a bronzer. Choose a face powder or liquid make up just a few shades deeper and that will do (Be sure to blend downward onto the neck)
        • Do not think that you can make a poorly chosen bronzer work… Because you can’t🥺
        • It’s a perfectly wonderful thing to "enjoy your natural skin tone"! Whatever it is…
        • No need to feel obligated to manipulate your skin tone… Even if everyone around you thinks it’s a good idea😉
        • Bronzing powders do exist in loose powder form… But OMG! Whoever thought that was a good idea??? What a mess😫
        • Bronzers used instead of blush can leave you looking somewhat lifeless, without a bit of bright healthy color on the cheek bones
        • Bronzer will darken every freckle, blemish, flaw of any kind … so they must be covered thoroughly and set with powder before topping off with your bronzer 
        • If you have dry skin that is not being handled with "proper skin care"… Bronzer, as with any powdered product will magnify texture that you will likely find undesirable


      *The message here is be careful with the makeup that has the ability to alter our appearance more dramatically…

      *And the "key to all makeup looking it’s most beautiful" is doing our very best to maintain an effective skin care regimen

               At JULES we guide you in achieving that glowing complexion…

      Preparing it for that......

      perfectly bronzed finish

      ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 

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