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Beauty Tips

Part 3: Powders and Bronzers

by Judi C 09 Nov 2021

 History and etymology for Powder

Middle English Poudre  from Anglo-French pudre, podre…

from Latin Pulver-Pulvis dust…Akin to Sanskrit, Palava, chaff


Dating back to ancient times in Egypt …We conjure up visions of Cleopatra along with the men and women of the time who creatively used so many “natural substances" to paint their faces…

To powder the face, mercury, sulfur, and pulverized white lead--a by-product of mined silver--were some of those ingredients.

*Although poisonous and potentially disfiguring and deadly☠️…It was viewed as a critical part of their culture…and necessary component to their beauty regimen to put forth the message of wellness, status and beauty.

Throughout history …all the way to our modern times…the rituals and beliefs connected to the use of our cosmetics is not all that far removed from those visions of Cleo and what was valued, even that far back in time.




Interesting Factoid   

The iconic fashion designer, Coco Chanel, inadvertently changed the course of cosmetic trends around the world in 1923, when returning home from a cruise on the French Riviera with an accidental sun tan

Throughout history cosmetics for the face were literally formulated only in white and very light shades, by thousands of manufacturers until slightly before Cocos incident--when it became apparent that deeper skin tones and make up colors addressing the real world were critical to the growth of the industry and the demands of the consumer.


Unexpectedly…Cocos sun-tanned skin for the first time in history made it not only fashionable but culturally and socially desirable to enjoy deeper and healthier skin tones… rather than strive for unnaturally pale and lifeless skin color…


Over countless centuries… predictably, powder remains at the top of the list as one of the most popular cosmetics used in one form or another around the world 🌎 Loved for its versatility and ability to create the look of a flawless complexion❣️


...But unlike periods in history where powder was the only cosmetic available to mask flaws, blemishes, uneven pigment etc...

We now have foundations and concealers to assist in that work.

The challenge however is the overwhelming number of options in these products which makes it a much more complicated process to select the perfect products for our individual needs…🤔.  

So the upside here is that without so much confusion in the decision making process, POWDERS offer up their own special world of diversity, options, and excitement with all the lovely possibilities they present!

Here is the overview of the…

"World of Powder"
1. Available in loose or pressed form       
2. Formulas available in oil-free, regular, moisturizing, medicated, SPF protection
3. Translucent
4. Setting formula and Finishing formula
5. HD (high definition)
6. Mineral or Talc based
7. Matte or Shimmery  
8. Wet or Dry usage
9. Custom Blended
10. Every Color under the sun available
11. Multiple options in tools may be used such as: powder brush, fan brush, sponge, puff, or cotton pad 
12.Bronzing Powders…different category? Or just creative marketing?!  read ahead…


Guidelines  to help direct you in selecting your Perfect Powder…...

💎Loose powder form …is finely milled, lightweight on the skin... All 12 categories apply to loose powder (except for wet to dry usage) Can be used over liquid make up and concealer or used alone. These can be somewhat messy in usage, i.e. …the obvious appeal in pressed form!

💎Pressed powder form …Convenient to take away from home (not messy) often with a mirror inside compact convenient for touch ups...Great option for oily and problematic skin, used instead of liquid make up... All 12 categories apply (except for custom blend)  *Analyze one’s skin type… Select powder with ingredients that appear most relevant to your needs

💎Translucent powder …is technically colorless and sheer… The goal being, when used over foundation, the color of the skin will not be altered.

💎Setting and Finishing powders…They are similar conceptually; typically in loose form, used following application of foundation and concealer. They can be found with and without color… The goal in their use is fresh and long lasting make up throughout the day. A popular modern technique called "baking" Is accomplished using loose powder heavily applied over foundation, left to cook for a while before brushing away. This creates a long lasting flawless result…

*Some pros say finishing powder should be used on top of setting powder for a silky airbrushed end result (no one seems to be able to say how they actually differ in ingredients-- looks like it’s all about ingredients that are extra oil controlling and mattifying) ...Drier complexions need to be careful with this approach😉

💎 HD (hi-def) powder… It’s a must-have in today’s world of film and photography. It’s photo-sensitive ingredients ensure full control of handling shiny spots caused by foundation (a red carpet nightmare). It provides a camera ready perfect finish and can be layered over other powders as well🥰

💎 Mineral or Talc-Based  powder…High quality mineral powder is a stand out because of its purity and limited number of ingredients. Velvety soft on the skin… Best applied in small circles buffing into the skin with a kabuki brush or a medium scale powder brush. Beautiful approach for sensitive skin and a smart replacement to liquid make up for those that are prone to pore clogging…(pretty on normal complexion types) The company “bareMinerals“, decades later offers the most widely sold mineral powder in the world...

*Talc-based powders, conversely have multiple combinations of ingredients geared towards a variety of personal needs... As previously discussed …are available in translucent, unlimited shades, used to set, finish, soothe, protect, mattify and control oil and perspiration… Some even offer moisturizing ingredients. (Still Powder is powder, and completely different in finish compared to a silky, dewey liquid foundation)

💎Matte or Shimmery- Finish powder… weather in loose or pressed form…*(this is a simple and straightforward guideline)

Any pearlescent ingredient… (a little or a lot) Magnifies pores, blemishes, veins, marks or flaws of any kind…Most complexions respond best to a smooth silky finish… so stick with the basics… And instead, enjoy a shimmery finish in a cheek highlight, eyeshadow, lipstick or gloss💋

💎Wet or Dry-Finish powders… These powders had their heyday years ago, but a few companies are still producing them today... They are an interesting concept and filled an valuable spot for a long time in the world of foundations and powders... Usually housing a sponge in a separate compartment in a compact… This powder can be used dry, offering significant coverage as a finish over liquid make up or used alone… But the intriguing option is applying it with a dampened sponge providing a more traditional foundation -like finish…With reasonable color options and versatility in its usage…

*It almost feels like a precursor to our modern day BB creams. Incorporating several benefits in one product in a condensed format

💎 *Custom Blended powder…The custom blending of loose powder has been around for ever in time… It’s not only fun to watch a pro chop, blend, and create a lovely mound of perfection… it remains a luxurious service, second to none; offering a personalized blend of ingredients made especially for the wearer…

At 𝗝𝗨𝗟𝗘𝗦 we offer that rare experience…

 *Exclusive to 𝗝𝗨𝗟𝗘𝗦, our menu includes custom blending of foundation, concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, cream blush, and shimmer dust💕

💎Tools for powder application…

~Fan brush… Delicate light application … Soft sheer control

~Classic powder brush… Effective on loose and pressed powder… Most versatile tool

~Sponge… Offers medium to heavy coverage if desired… Can be used damp on some powder formulas

~Puff or cotton pad… Neat and easy to carry inside powder compact(discrete)… *Cotton pad recommended for oily and problematic complexions… Changed out often for a sanitary and fresh application

~Sponge and powder brush Combined… Effective for “baking“ foundation… Place heavy layer of loose powder with sponge… Wait… Dust away with powder brush


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