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Beauty Tips

Part 2: Foundations

by Judi C 02 Sep 2021

*Written by Judi C., Expert Makeup Artist and Custom Blend Mixologist


Now for the second act… 



The World of Beauty changed dramatically In the 1920’s when the oh so famous Max Factor formulated and presented to Women the very first truly user-friendly foundation. It was called Pancake Make-Up. The product was a monumental success in that one in every three women owned one. (He actually invented the term make-up as well)…

Just as it sounds, it’s shape, a flat cake packaged in a pan… was a blend of talc, mineral oil and a few additional "not bad for the skin" ingredients. Prior to its inception, women had only powder to rely on for the complexion. 

Although Pancake, applied with a damp sponge is no longer available in the U.S.… It can still be found online (with an exorbitant price tag) for $250 and actually has a cult following 😳

Now jumping ahead to our Modern Day World of Makeup. We have an uncountable number of types and ingredient blends in foundations…

Literally… Too many to choose from🤔

Let’s begin breaking it down…


The term foundation is an umbrella term which covers many forms of face make up

Compiled here Is a list of types of foundations simply explained

*Minus the clever names and the confusing marketing ploys…

  1.  Moisture tintsLight coverage… May be oil free… May have sunscreen…
    Limited colors
  2. BB creams…(stands for beauty balm)…Marketed as an all in one product… Moisturizer, primer, base, concealer, powder… Limited colors
  3. CC creams…(stands for color corrector)… Described as able to handle redness, sallowness, uneven tone… Not much different than a BB cream… May contain skin soothing ingredients…Limited colors
  4. Cream and mousse make ups… Not part of mainstream and traditional foundations…Some too thick, some too thin…more popular in decades past
  5. Airbrush foundation… Challenging to get an accurate match on foundation when filling the tool… popular choice for professionals… Expedites application…Never really took off for home users

6. Oil free-matifying liquid foundation…Depending on brand will vary in coverage, ingredients, strength of sunscreen, broad range of colors available… often in pump bottles for ease of application

7. Regular or moisturizing liquid foundation… Brands will vary in coverage, ingredients,level of sunscreen, broad range of colors… May contain skin care level ingredients and anti-aging benefits as well…

8. Liquid make up with luminizing or illuminating, Pearlized ingredients…(Different finish than a moisturizing foundation) Available with varying amounts of glow… Should be carefully chosen (This finish can be a magnifier of flaws… Pores, blemishes, deep lines, etc.)

9. Stick foundation Full coverage… Usually dry down to a matte finish… effective for photography, long wear, Multitasker for face, under eye, and flaws… Broad range of colors … Easy application

10. Powder foundation…Formulated in loose or pressed form…Some able to be used wet or dry… Non-messy approach in application… Often recommended for oily skin…(not necessarily best approach on drier or deeply lined skin types)…Wide range of colors available…

11. Custom blended foundation… Availabe in all formulas… Oil free, regular, and moisturizing… Multiple options on ingredients and finishes… dewy, luminous, sheer to heavy coverage…Color precise


Why is the use of foundation a valuable and effective step when preparing the face that you present to the world every day?

It is a platform… A support system to all of the lovely things that lay above it

Much of the reasoning for why certain cosmetics have remained so high on the list in popularity as far back as we can remember… 

Is because they in so many ways are meant to re-create the perfection of what we so admire in a  beautiful child’s face

A clear glowing complexion… Bright eyes… Rosy cheeks… Full pink lips

 Foundation is the obvious beginning of that process… The more perfection we create in this backdrop…

The more amazing and distinct the eyes and lips will appear…Youthful Perfection


*You should choose……

  • Moisture tint… You have great skin… Prefer a natural sheer finish… Easy application… Sunscreen protection…

  • BB cream or CC cream…you want a quick routine using fewer products… you require coverage to handle flaws and discoloration… such as rosacea. You have easy coloring to match because color options are limited…

  • Oil free foundation… You have oily skin, or at least a very oily T-zone… Prefer a matte finish… Live in a hot humid climate… Are prone to clogged pores and break outs… require a good selection of color options…

  • Regular or moisturizing foundation… you value an accurate color match… A creamy finish… you’re aware that color, coverage, and finish will vary based on brand ingredients… you enjoy the "traditional finish" foundation provides preparing the skin for additional products to be applied

  • Luminescent and Pearlized foundation… You enjoy a more dramatic effect
    You’re looking for shine on the skin not just coming from moisture, but also pearlessence… You are a drier skin type and benefit from the extra shine…Varying brands will offer different levels of luminescence

  • Stick foundation…You enjoy handy and quick application… You like a multi tasking product able to be used everywhere on the complexion… You require a matte finish with more significant coverage…You need make up for photography, theater, etc.

  • Powder foundation…You are a no fuss sort of woman… you have an oilier skin-type  but prefer powder to oil free liquid foundation… you enjoy the ease of carrying a compact, with the mirror being convenient to touch up make up

  • Custom blend foundation…you recognize perfection when your foundation is blended especially for you. Sheer to full coverage… Oil controlling and matte across the spectrum to pearlescent and dewy. 100% accurate color match

             Although the specialty service of custom blended cosmetics is difficult to find…We at JULES are well known for and always available to provide these personalized products for you

     No. 1 Seller… Custom Blended Foundation


One of the most common questions in regard to foundations is… How do I apply it? What do I use????

The answer to this question "What do I use?" is simple…

Your options are…

  • Natural hair brush (mink, sable,  horse, squirrel)
  • Synthetic hair brush
  • Combination of natural and synthetic
  • Beauty blender (sponge)
  • Fingertips
  • Sponge… Natural or synthetic
The answer to the question “How do I use it?“… Isn’t that complicated either

If using a brush… The best direction is to stroke downward and back towards the hairline and jawline

If using fingertips, same direction applies 

If using a powdered foundation, a brush would be preferable… Again in down and outward strokes, as to not lift up peach fuzz which is common on the complexion

The option of buffing and pressing the powder into the skin in small circles is desirable when using mineral powder in loose form as a foundation

*The Challenge comes in when determining which tool you should use to give you the best results…

This is a basic guideline but experimenting with several approaches makes the most sense for every woman because there are so many variables…

A Synthetic foundation brush gives the most coverage

A beauty blender (sponge) presses the most into the skin

Fingertips allow for using less product and laying a light layer of foundation over the skin

*Combination of tools used together may create the end result you’re looking for


Foundations today can be purchased literally everywhere…

Department stores, Cosmetic super stores, drug stores, online, and on TV…

At JULES we offer an exclusive and very different experience… A one on one experience where we analyze, select, and create products especially for you!

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