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Part 2: Face Primers and Foundations

by Judi C. 23 Aug 2021



To prime or not to prime…That is the question


Maybe you remember your english or journalism class where you learned about the 5 Ws

I will use this highly effective process of the who, what, when, where, and why to address the questions and concerns relating to these products.



As a professional in the beauty business I believe that face primers are the icing on the cake... and the women who can't live without them will most assuredly tell us they will give up the icing on the cake before they would sacrifice this most beloved product!



Face Primers first hit the market about 20 years ago. Produced by only a handful of cosmetic companies back then, Smashbox and Urban Decay were a few of the forerunners but had no idea what a hit they had on their hands. Jump ahead 10 years later when sales began to quadrupleThat’s when manufacturers, cosmetic companies and consumers realized this concept was here to stay!


Now, it is so commonly found in the repertoire of products women are using on a daily basis…It is viewed as basic … and as necessary as applying lipstick!


Face Primer Is somewhat of a hybrid falling into a category all it’s own. It is part cosmetic and part skin care product. The initial appeal and description of what to expect from this unusual product was simply this: A silky smooth finish, the blurring of fine lines and pores, foundation gliding over the surface and wearing beautifully for hours.  It is most commonly used sandwiched in between moisturizer and foundation application. Today they can be found in varying textures and ingredient combinations for every need and skin type.  

They are most easily  recognized when formulated with silicone, feeling as soft as a babies bottom……making them irresistible! 

But the great appeal additionally is the variety of formulas and blends available.

They are able to address oily skin, enlarged pores, and blemishes with a matifying finish … all the way to the other side of the spectrum addressing dry skin and anti-aging needs with super hydrators like hyaluronic acid and glycerin

We now know that face primers can also be used alone, with no make up following it’s application… Leaving the skin with a more refined and flawless finish💕


Are Primers for anyone and everyone?

Well… In the overview… Basicallyyes

Through many years of experience in the beauty industry, my observations cause me to believe there are some exceptions.

Clearly…If you have sensitivity to ingredients:


Salacylic acid (blemish healing, oil control)

Retinal, AHA’s, (various acne controlling ingredients)

General sensitivity and tendencies towards pore clogging…


If you are young, or just youthful with absolutely no flaws, and have what would be deemed a "perfect complexion"… You not only don’t need primer, you certainly don’t need foundation or anything else masking your amazing skin!

If your goal is to maintain and magnify a dewy appearance, especially on a mature complexion…Although primers blur and fill fine lines and pores, which is fantastic… At the same time they unfortunately diminish and flatten shine over the entire face. 😩

Counteracting the goal of an overall dewy finish.


So why are you a good candidate for a Face Primer?🤔

Because your pores are as large as the moon and they make you crazy!

Choose a mattifying formula and watch them disappear before your very eyes😳

Because you’re a busy mom and/or professional and want the staying power and long wear benefits of a primer under your make up…… Not to mention the added perk it provides under the eyes pre-concealer … Silky smooth🤩 (just make sure it’s a hydrating primer)

Because the right primer makes everything else you will apply (Foundation, Powder, Bronzer, Blush etc.) flow over and lay on the skin like velvet!

*Side note; If you’re looking for a shimmery finish provided by iridescent and light reflective ingredients (Different from the Dewy finish which is achieved through moisture)… Consider a primer which will give you that type of glow.

Critical reminder…

*Any Face primer or cosmetic that has a shimmering or illuminating finish will intensify every flaw you should be concealingnot magnifying!!!

Those challenges would be freckles, age spots, blemishes, scars, veins, dark under eyes etc.

*Just because the product looks beautiful in its packaging… doesn’t mean it is correct for your personal needs.

Reach out to us at JULES for personalized advice... We offer several fantastic primers which will help you achieve beautiful results!



So technically a primer can be used almost anywhere…

Start with the magic of a mattifying primer in your t-zone and watch the visible pores on the nose and inner cheeks do a vanishing act. Follow with a hydrating primer on the remainder of the complexion for the desired silky smooth finish.

Under eyes respond beautifully to being primed… Leaving the area looking fresh and clean all day.


Here are a few basic guidelines on how to apply face primer:

  1. Apply moisturizer first… allow enough time for it to absorb a bit. (important step to avoid primer mixing in and diminishing the primers appearance and performance)
  2. Dispense the size of a pea and blend over entire complexion (primers are quite concentrated so this should be sufficient) and blend or massage into skin with fingertips
  3. When using a mattifying primer… Warm between finger tips for a few seconds and press directly into the skin (focusing on areas with visibly enlarged pores)
  4. Allow primer to set for a minute or two before applying foundation or other make up (this will help your primer work most efficiently)
  5. If using in the under eye area be sure to use a Hydrating primer and follow with preferred concealer for the prettiest results

More questions? Contact us at at JULES today!

Click here to message us for more details or appointment inquiries.

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