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Beauty Breakdown: Kylie's Color Analysis

by Julia Willenbring 08 Jan 2021

Kylie is a classic spring. Springs are on the warm side of the color spectrum and thrive in colors with good clarity. Without color, springs lose their vibrancyanything flat and muted leaves them feeling underwhelmed. 

Those of you who are springs can often be very golden in undertone, while others have a more peaches and cream complexion, where you have higher amounts of pinky-peach tones at the surface. If this is you, you likely struggle with foundation and often find that it leaves you looking either flat or “makeup-y”. This is because it is almost impossible to find peach-based foundations, especially for fairer complexions. This is why I custom blend foundation. 


Girls like Kylie enjoy a more natural finish, so I made sure to adjust the consistency and density of pigment to account for her natural look. I formulated her foundation shade keeping in mind we want to compliment her natural peaches and cream complexion. Something that often goes wrong when you have pink in the skin is the use of yellow-based foundation or anything with green to combat your ruddy cheeks. This will nearly always backfire and leave you appearing flat at minimum, or sickly at worst. 

You want to, instead, maintain a healthy amount of pinky-peach to the foundation to keep your face looking fresh and healthy, and, when necessary, utilize a separate concealing product for the couple of troublesome red patches you might still have. When using a powder to finish, keep these same rules in mind when you are dealing with this peachy-pink complexion. Shell is a must-have mineral pressed powder that maintains the proper tone for your skin and keeps your complexion smooth and fresh rather than dull and cakey. And, of course, always remember to brighten the undereye. Going too light is a mistake that can leave you with greyed raccoon eyes; Light Peach Liquid Concealer is perfect to brighten her up without washing her out. 

To finish off the complexion, blush is a must. 

Something important to remember when choosing your blush is that it should always coordinate with your lip color. Spring’s happen to be the most versatile palette, so, depending on the lip Kylie decided to wear, anything warm and clear, such as my blushes: Peony, Chic, or even Hibiscus for a softer glow, would work. For this look, since we used plum accents on the lips, I chose Barely Plum blush to coordinate.

Plums and shades of berry are incredibly versatile and I would say some variation of plum can work for every palette; the key for a spring, is that it remains clear, and doesn't become rosy

Kylie loves a little pop in her lips and wanted to remain winter-friendly; so for this look, I chose one of my favorites: Beverley Boulevard. Paired with Boysenberry Liner and Seduction Gloss; this is the perfect berry for a Spring like Kylie. Clarity in the lipstick and line, with a shimmery pinky-gold coral gloss to tie it all together. It's an ideal way to stay on trend for the current season when it isn't your season.

As for the eyebrows, for a golden blonde such as she; Blondie is the perfect golden-tone pencil. 

So many pencils for blondes are often taupe (too grey) or light-brown (too warm or deep) and don’t ever look quite right without major fussing. Blondie is different. For many individuals like Kylie, I find people often round off the brow too soon and lose their arch in the process. In these cases, when lining, don’t neglect to line the base of the first half of the brow. Then, after you have found the arch (the highest point of the brow), remember to drop the tail down; don’t continue to pull it out. This will give you better balance and an ideal arch for those of you who easily look more rainbowed in your natural shape. 

And finally, we arrive at the EYES.

Shadow Base in light is a must to create a look that will last all day. 

As a golden blonde, Vanilla is a beautiful option to highlight her bone under the brow and in the inner corner at the tear duct. The way this shade complements her hair is spectacular. For any Springs out there with a peachy tone but darker hair, try Madame or Peach Ice instead as alternatives. 

On the lid we have Chablis, a shimmery pinky-peach coral to coordinate with the tones in Seduction gloss on the highlight of her lip. 

For the crease, Tierra is the perfect golden brown to create the appropriate balance and dimension to her eye shape. 

In the outer corner to create dimension and a little extra pop, we have Mink, a perfect dark brown. Brown makes blue eyes bluest, which is why I stuck with warm neutrals rather than going plum in her shadows. Both are great options, but the brown is definitely a winner to make her eyes pop and still complement the rest of her look. 

To blend this effortlessly into the lid color, Golden Bronze is my go-to. The little bit of gold fleck from this shadow helps to catch the twinkle in her eye. 

Next up, comes eyeliner. 

I chose Chocolate Mousse Gel liner for the top to make a thin, clean line, again sticking with brown to enhance her eye color and refrain from appearing harsh and overwhelming her eye the way black often does to Springs. On the inner rim we decided to go for a dramatic touch, reserved for nights out; Bonsai is incredible. This teal-green juxtaposed to the plums on the complexion just does wonders for her overall look. Never fear color when you are working within your perfect palette. A touch of the chocolate mousse was thinly applied to the lower line, enhancing her lash line and delicately framing her eyes in a balanced manner. 

XLXL Mascara is the final touch. Never neglect the inner lashes, these few that frame closest to the nose are critical if you want your lashes to look longer and fuller, and they often get neglected.  


If you have any questions or are interested in having your colors and products analyzed and perfected, click here to message me on the contact me section of my website or DM on any social media platform to reach me directly. Call the salon to book at 856. 751. 2233. and ask for JULES. 

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