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Going Green (Eye Edition) : Discover The Best Shades For Your Green Eyes

by Julia Willenbring 03 Jan 2021

If you were blessed with green eyes --and seriously, I mean blessed [so jealous]-- Plum is your best friend. While red is technically green’s complementary shade, in the eye area itself, red is very dangerous to use; it can easily backfire and make you look sick and/or bloodshot. 

So, as to err on the side of caution, plums are beautiful red-based purples that really make your eyes pop

Beware to only use shades of purple in your eyeshadow and on the outer-line area of your eyes. I advise against ever using shades of purple, or even most browns, near the inner rim of your eyes. Purples and browns break down to their red bases, and you will end your day looking bloodshot if you put this there. You don’t have to listen--but just know, you have been forewarned

Green eyes with gold fleck , specifically, should wear plum purples. Fig Automatic Indelible Liner is one of my favorite plum purples for these individuals. Mythology Liner, a bronze with gold fleck, also makes the golden accent of your eyes pop and shimmer and to use these together--purple on top and bronze on the bottom--is spectacular.

Pure green eyes/ blue green/ cool green do exceptionally well with royal purple too. It’s to die for. Aura is my favorite bold purple shade for these eyes. 

For either eye, if you are someone who is very conservative with your liner but want to upgrade from black, Black Cherry is the perfect compromise. It is a deep charcoal with plum fleck that picks up the green in your eyes for the perfect accent. 

For shadows, feel free to keep it neutral. 

Avoid grey, silver, or blues. Warm golden browns or in some cases rosy browns are ideal neutrals, and plum remains the perfect accent. Try to avoid black which can be quite stark, and instead choose a deep purple or rich chocolate brown for the darkest portion of your shadow. 

Kristen’s look here, completed on the left half of the image, naturally enhances her warm complexion, and green eyes with golden accents. 

Want to find out more about your own coloring?

Message me here or call the salon at 856.751.2233 to book a custom colors appointment just for you. 

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